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    Does Print Marketing Still Work?, Part 2

    Digital marketing is everywhere, from your phone to your computer. If you are connected to the internet, odds are you are being exposed to ads. Where newspapers used to be your source for jobs, now it’s job boards. Where magazines used to be your source for specialty knowledge, it’s now blogs an…Read More

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    Does Print Marketing Still Work?, Part 1

    With the advent of the internet, you might be wondering if print marketing even works. Twenty, even ten, years ago, most people got so much junk mail they didn’t know what to do. Nowadays, you’ll be lucky if you get one or two pieces of junk mail a month. Everyone gets their news and goods and s…Read More

  3. 10 Tips for Surviving The Holidays as a Small Business

    1. Prep your team With plenty of people taking time off from work during the holidays, staffing can be a problem. It’s important to develop an employee holiday schedule with firm scheduled times for regular employees as well as “on-call” team members who are willing to fill in if necessary. Th…Read More