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With the advent of the internet, you might be wondering if print marketing even works. Twenty, even ten, years ago, most people got so much junk mail they didn’t know what to do. Nowadays, you’ll be lucky if you get one or two pieces of junk mail a month. Everyone gets their news and goods and services from the internet. So does print marketing even work still?

Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising is a business advertising sign store that helps small businesses with all of their marketing needs, including advertising signs. From brand development and social media development to printing and mailing advertising and signs and graphics, we’ve got all of your business advertising sign needs covered. In this blog post, we’ll examine the relevance of print marketing in the 21st century. Contact us for your advertising signs today!


As a small business, it’s important to get the word out about your goods and services, which you do through advertising and marketing. But now that the digital age is here to stay, many small businesses believe business printing services may not be worth it. Below, Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising will go over some of the many reasons that it’s a mistake not to invest in professional printing services.

Custom Printing is More Personal

Many people feel inundated with advertising and marketing. After all, it seems like you can’t visit a website without a pop-up asking you to buy something or an add blinking at you. However, when you invest in direct mail, flyers, brochures, or business cards with Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising, you’ll make your business more personal. Plus, when you use flyers, you are getting directly in people’s homes, who open up the mail and take it inside without looking at it just yet. Furthermore, no one gets mail anymore unless it’s bills, so a flyer from a professional flyer printing service is sure to make people stop and read it.

More Memorable

Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember a brand, product, or service they see in print versus online advertising. Online ads are so quick that they are over before people’s brains even have a chance to register what the product was about. Between what the person is actually searching for and your ad and others, the likelihood they will catch your name is slim. Furthermore, if you see a flyer hanging up in a store, it has a semblance of permanence. It doesn’t just flicker across a screen and then disappear. The flyer hangs there for viewers to see sometimes multiple times, depending on where the flyer or poster is hung.

As a business advertising sign, flyers and posters are extremely cost-effective. Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising specializes in flyers, printed posters, and brochures for businesses. Putting flyers in your office and posters around town are a great addition to your advertising and marketing plan.

Getting Mail

As mentioned previously, the only mail people normally receive these days is junk mail. Hence, when you invest in professional printing services for your direct mail from Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising, it most definitely will grab attention and probably be read simply because no one really wants to read their bills. Ten years ago, checking the mail used to be exciting and highly anticipated by homeowners because of the goodies they would receive, such as letters from friends and family and catalogs. Now, it’s almost a chore to check the mail (some people even put this on their kids’ chore list). By sending flyers, brochures, or other printed material through the mail, you could possibly be making someone’s day.

Grab Attention

Because your business is utilizing a sign store, such as Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising, for their print needs, you will be sending a message to your customers that you care enough to take the time to send brochures. Because our sign store also specializes in brand development and logo design, you can rest assured that when you partner with us for all of your direct mail marketing needs that your brochure or flyer will most definitely capture attention. Using proven marketing techniques, such as placement and colors, we will increase the likelihood that your flyers and posters will be read even more. Never underestimate the power of holding something in your hand.


Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising firmly believes print marketing and advertising is here to stay. Our sign store is committed to bringing you the best marketing and advertising for your business. Our professional printing services are top-notch, making your business look sleek, modern, and a great place someone would want to patronize. Whether you are running a clearance sale, or just advertising in general for your business, our custom printing can handle all of your business printing services. Contact us today to get started!