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Digital marketing is everywhere, from your phone to your computer. If you are connected to the internet, odds are you are being exposed to ads. Where newspapers used to be your source for jobs, now it’s job boards. Where magazines used to be your source for specialty knowledge, it’s now blogs and websites. Books are online, as are encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases.

Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising is a sign store that specializes in business visual solutions, including professional printing services, pull up display banners, brochure printing, brand and content marketing, and logo design. Our sign shop believes print is just as relevant today as it was yesterday. Below, we’ll explore more reasons to invest in custom printing services for your business. Contact us today to get started!


Creates Trust

When your business invests in business printing services, your customers will trust what you say more so than an ad that flashes, which most people tend to dismiss and think of as spam. In fact, many people won’t click on digital ads even if they are interested in the product or service because they are afraid of downloading a virus or signing up for a newsletter they don’t want. Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising notes that with print marketing, you are telling people you are an actual business with an actual address.

In truth, when you combine both online and print advertising, you will have the most conversions (or sales) of your products. This is one of the reasons that Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising is your complete marketing sign store, offering the total package when it comes to visual communication solutions. We offer online marketing, website design, unlimited graphic design, wraps and lettering, signs and commercial graphics, and, of course, business printing services. Contact our print marketing company today to learn more!

More Versatile

With professional printing services, you’ll be able to create print material that is unique and that stands out in whatever form, size, or color you want for your business. This yields better results than internet ads, which are limited to particular places on the page, size, and even platforms. Messages can be longer and say what you need to say. And they can be much more captivating, which will capture the attention of your audience more. Furthermore, your ad can be ripped out and kept for future reference or even hung up as a poster if it’s an image full of beauty, such as animals in nature.

Print Marketing is Convenient

While most restaurants have an online presence and have their menus online, the vast majority of people wait until they sit down to order so they have time to decide what they want. This is because a print menu is much easier to read and see online. You have more selections available in front of you at one time, and it’s easier to decide between two or three when you can just flip a menu.

One of the most underrated print marketing materials is the business card. Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising offers business card printing services because it’s just nice to be able to give someone who uses your services a reminder of who you are and what you do. Plus, business cards get laid on the kitchen table or put in your car to be referred to later, which serves as residual advertising. We see this as a win!

Reinforces Your Brand

Branding is so important in today’s marketplace as everyone jostles for market share and a voice to be heard. With print advertising and marketing, including vehicle signage and custom print materials, you will be able to better brand. You’ll have access to your particular colors, and your logo will show up better. Furthermore, print marketing lasts a lot longer than online marketing or social media marketing. Think back to your last Twitter or Facebook post. If you’re lucky, you engaged readers for about 20 minutes. With print marketing for your business, you will be able to engage customers for a lot longer, averaging about two weeks. Print marketing reaches a broader array of potential customers and is a highly efficient and effective means of establishing brand identity for your target audience.

For social media, you have to spend hours building an audience; whereas with print, there is no audience development costs. This costs a lot of money, especially if you are paying someone to run your social media marketing for you.


When you partner with Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising for your business, you can rest assured all of your marketing and print media advertising needs will be met. We believe in using one company, not three, for all your business marketing needs, from content and brand development to business advertising signs, vehicle signage, commercial graphics, and business printing services. Our sign shop has an amazing design team that can help you define your brand and make storefront signs that will pop. Our sign store offers the best web design packages and exhibits and displays to make your business visually appealing.

Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising is your one-stop-shop for all your business visual communication and business advertising sign needs whether you need a sign installed, a logo designed, or a graphic design package. Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising goes beyond signs and expectations. Contact our print marketing company today to get started!