At Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising, every product we create is custom-made. That means that every customer who comes into our shop gets a one-of-a-kind design they are sure to love. We make sure that the client is involved in the process from the beginning so that we can create something that reflects them and their business; our collaborative process ensures that the client is receiving exactly what they want.

Our services are custom designed for the client. Whether someone wants a simple logo or needs a brand-new website built, it is our goal to capture their vision. By combining the client’s ideas and our designers’ expertise, we work together to form something extraordinary.

This is one of the many things that sets Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising apart from our competition. Other companies offer generic, cookie-cutter designs, but we take the time to create something remarkable for each customer and make sure they are part of the creative process. We are not creating signs and merchandise; we’re creating art. Our in-house design team is passionate about what they do. Each new design is met with excitement at the challenge to produce something special.

We start each design by getting an idea of what the customer likes. First, we ask them what colors they prefer. If they envision their design in vibrant colors, we know they want a bold and bright design. If their tastes run to more subdued pastel schemes, then we know to create something a bit more subtle. Getting an idea of what the colors the customer has in mind helps us create their design.

After that, we will do some research to make sure that the colors selected are suitable for the industry. As an example, let’s take a look at the pool industry. If we were going to create a design for a pool company, we would research the colors used in this industry. The dominant colors used in the pool industry are all sorts of blues and whites. These colors make people think of relaxing in a cool, refreshing pool on a hot summer day. We use this information to our advantage to avoid colors that don’t fit a particular image. While colors like yellow, green, or red might make for an eye-popping sign, they don’t make sense for a pool company.

We consult the customer every step of the way, making sure that they approve of every last detail that goes into the design. While we love it when a client is happy with the first design we come up with, that doesn’t always happen. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the initial design, we go back to the drawing board.

The customer’s input is integral to our design process. In addition to choosing the perfect colors, we will also help them pick out fonts, a style, and a layout. If the client isn’t sure what they want, we let them look through samples of logos and brands in their industry in order to help them generate ideas.

Once the design is approved by the client, it’s time to manufacture it. We use the best materials in our products. When a customer orders something from Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising, they are receiving a unique design that is built to last.

Our goal is customer satisfaction and we achieve it through a collaborative design process. There are too many companies that produce generic, mass-produced products made from cheap materials. We provide long-lasting, custom-made products that reflect the client’s unique brand and style.

Once the design is approved we use it to help build their brand. If the client has us create a storefront sign, for example, we can then design business cards, brochures, and other products to match. Since we offer so many products and services, we can provide the client with everything they need to brand and market their business.