From branded hats and shirts to pens, stress balls and flash drives, give your potential customers something impactful and useful to remember you by that they will use every day!

These items are more than just keepsakes. They promote branding, spread your logo and advertising and most importantly spread good will. People like getting free stuff!

At Sign Me Up, we’ll help you give away quality items and unique items that will look distinctive and present your company or organization in the best light. And one of the best things about giving away these items is that they can be seen by other potential customers and clients beyond the person who originally received the items.

Keep your brand on the minds of your customers and clients with promotional giveaway products. From something simple and useful like a pen or a calculator, to really cool looking giveaways and backpacks or sunglasses, or something that will spread your branding far and wide like a t-shirt or sweatshirt. These promotional items will keep your brand in the eyes and hearts of your prospects and clients alike, every time the pick up that cool gift you left them with! Contact Sign Me Up to find out how these items can help you!

Additional Products Offered: